You Either Master Money or It Masters You

Do you feel like you are a slave to money?  How many hours are you putting in to earn money? How much of your waking minutes are spent thinking about money?  How many times do you say to yourself that you are broke?  How many times do you say you don't have enough?  How often are you envious of others for what they have bought with their money?  Do you feel like with a little more money, you could be happier?  How much more money would make you happier?

On the opposite side, how much time are you spending learning more about what money can do for you?  How many personal finance books have you read this year?  How many hours have you spent reviewing your finances, researching or investing?  Can you openly discuss finances with your circle of friends?  Are you hanging out with people who can help you with your finances, with your business?   How often do you positively say that you have enough?

It's easy to get caught up in the cycle of wanting and earning money.  Many of us work to earn to spend. 

It's not so easy to pause and really think about why we want more money in the first place.  Aside from our basic needs, we need to start thinking about money in a different light.  We need to start thinking about what dreams can our money help fulfill.  We have to start moving beyond the materialistic and on to fulfilling life values.  When we start thinking in this way, we look at money differently.  We see it as a means to drive impact and influence.  We are no longer slaves to money.   Be your own money master!



Who Is This Site For?


Start at the Library where you can find various personal finance books broken down into digestable chunks.   These are Cat's Notes (my version of Cliff Notes).  I've summarized and added commentary on popular books on financial management.  If you don't have time to read a book, spend some time reading a short blog post.  Book topics range from the psychology of money to how behavioral economics affect how to invest and save. 

When you are ready to take some action, browse on over to the Checklists where you will find a monthly action item template.  Behavior doesn't become a habit until it gets repeated.  Creating wealth is all about cultivating good habits early.


An immigrant.  Middle class.  Public school educated.  Public university graduate.

I am a hard worker with a penchant to learn more.  I saved money, paid off $20K in student loans and kept going. I began to follow a lifestyle that was less about stuff, but more about time.  I've climbed the Great Wall, seen elephants and rhinos on safari, hiked the Inca Trail, skydived in Hawaii, bungee jumped in Africa and met so many wonderful, culturally diverse people.  All of this possible with planning and support.

My goal and the goal of Wealth Powers Dreams is to help you find the lifestyle and freedom that you deserve.  Money is a powerful tool, however, being rich is not the ultimate goal.  Being wealthy is!  What's the difference?  Rich is having money for now.  Wealth is having money for now AND later.  This long-term view of money allows you to focus your time and energy on creating impact and leaving a legacy.  Wealth is having financial security to guarantee a lifestyle that speaks to your inner intentions.


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